Fru - Fruu… natural lip colour balm x 3

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Hate those drying lipsticks? Want a tinted lip balm that gives amazing colours? Try our Colour balms! You will find our best selling colours: Rare Coral, Strawberry Creme and Mulberry in our Colour Balm Trio Set. Made from ingredients derived from Wonky fruits that would otherwise go to waste, our Colour balms are bursting with lip restoring fruity goodness: Matt, tinted (strongly!) colour lip balm Excellent moisturisation from watermelon and coconut oil Soothing aloe and banana extract Extra soft and buttery application Allergen free, suitable for sensitive skin Vegan and cruelty-free - no carmine, lanolin and beeswax 8 outstanding colours to express yourself PETA approved - Cruelty-free and Suitable for Vegan.


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