Homeopathic Flu Prophylactic 2021-2022

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Homeopathic Flu Prophylactic 2021-2022 Online orders now being taken

With the worldwide pandemic upon us, most of us have been considering the many ways we could act in a preventative manner to reduce the risk of infections of any kind through the winter months.
The homeopathic flu prophylactic is now available to order. Please note although it covers many current and historical types of influenza virus it does not convey protection against covid-19.
It consists of 10 capsules containing flu prophylaxis to be taken at set intervals throughout the year. When you receive the next packet of the homeopathic flu prophylactic during November, switch over to it as it will have the most up-to-date strains of flu covered.  Continue with your current supply until then.  Start the next packet as instructed on the box, i.e. taking one when your receive it, then one in 10 days, then continue with your six-weekly routine throughout the year.
Should you be ordering the flu prophylactic for the first time, they come in packs of ten capsules containing granules. Open up one capsule and let the granules dissolve under the tongue on day 1, then another ten days later and then one every 6 weeks for the remainder of the year (effectively a full year’s course).
It contains all known strains of flu - over 25 strains - from past seasons.

As with the vaccine, there are no absolute guarantees that it can protect you from getting influenza.  Polyinfluenzinum contains all the worldwide strains of the flu virus right back from 1975 through to the most recent strains potentised to 200K. It has all the strains that are in the current allopathic vaccine and many more (the allopathic vaccine contains three or four selected strains each year).Please see the following link  http://www.biopathica.co.uk/documents/news/PolyInfluenzinum.pdf for information and last year’s strains list. This year’s additional strains will be published shortly.
The manufacturers only produce one batch suitable for the approaching winter so if you would to order, please visit our online shop

A payment of £31 (+p&p) will be taken upon placing your order online with The Polyinfluenzinum Prophylactic being ready to dispatch to you via Royal Mail in early November. Please note this year’s supply is only appropriate for the coming winter. We will do our best to ensure that everyone who needs it can have it.
The homeopathic flu prophylactic is also available to people who are not registered with the Clinic so you are welcome to mention it to friends and family who you think it might benefit. Please note: There is a limited supply so don’t delay – we need your order by 3rd August 2021.
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