Lamberts - Lamberts lecithin granules 250 grams

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lamberts lecithin granules have a pleasant mild taste and can be sprinkled on cereals or used to thicken sauces and are therefore useful for anyone wanting to supplement their diet with high levels of this nutrient. Care is taken to source lecithin from soya that is non gm an increasingly difficult task as most usa crops are now gm varieties. lecithin is technically referred to as a phospholipid and is one of the richest natural sources of two important nutrients: choline and inositol. lecithin is a primary source of choline in the diet in the form of phosphatidylcholine. once in the body this compound is broken down to release the choline. choline is one of the b vitamins and contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function and to the normal lipid (fat) metabolism.

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