Ricola - Ricola Swiss Herbal Sweets

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The original Ricola sweets have a familiar aromatic taste and are renowned for their soothing properties. Loved by millions the original recipe has not changed since 1940 and is a closely guarded secret. Ricola simply made them sugar free. Without giving too much away the special quality of original herb comes from the 13 herbs used: horehound burnet speedwell marshmallow plant lady's mantle elder blossom mallow peppermint sage yarrow cowslip plantain and thyme with a hint of natural menthol. Finding time for ourselves can be difficult in the manic modern world - and if we do manage to we often feel guilty about it. Ricola believe that slowing down is key to our happiness which is why they are dedicated to cultivating widespread wellbeing. Through these refreshing herbal sweets free from artificial colours and flavours they hope to make small moments of calm enjoyment and appreciation possible for everyone. At only six calories per sweet you can enjoy the great tasting and long-lasting refreshment of Ricola at home work and on the move.

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