Maistic - Bin Liner 20L - Compostable

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The Maistic series of bags cover compostable waste bags. We use organically grown corn from food production and the bag is OK Compost HOME certified. This means that you can collect your bio waste in a bag that is degradable in nature under the right circumstances together with the food. When you use a MAISTIC waste bag you – support decrease of production and use of traditional non-degradable plastic – use a bio-based and non-polluting product – can safely collect apples or other types of food in the bag as the bag is food contact safe and approved for contact with edibles. It does not contain any harmful plastic resin substances like phthalates and bisphenol – can decompose it together with your kitchen bio-waste in a suited compost bin to create rich soil for your garden. However, be careful NOT to throw the bag directly in the garden with your other garden waste as it will end up in nature by the wind. No waste, compostable bags included, should end up in nature!

The Material

The patented bio-plastic material is based on organically grown and GMO-free corn. The rounded bottom of the bag enforces it and minimises risk of leakage. MAISTIC recommends a new waste bag every second day to avoid too much heavy waste decomposing too quickly with the bag, and to avoid bacteria and bad smell.


The waste bags comes in a box which makes it easy to find the right bag from the kitchen drawer. The box is marked with a 'use before' date as the compostable bag has a natural shelf life of 1 year. Each individual bag is marked with litre size (20 or 30 litre). In retail waste bags are available in two different sizes:

20 litre/4.4 gallon waste bag: 14 bags per roll. Size 50 x 44 cm with extra width on sides. Thickness 17 micron (μm). Colour is dark green. Litre size is printed on bag

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