Margaret Hills - Cider Vinegar Book by Christine Horner and Margaret Hills

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Reduce pain, lose weight and improve health the natural way.

Hundreds of thousands of people with arthritis have been helped by the Margaret Hills Clinic and by Margaret's bestselling book, Treating Arthritis: The Drug-free Way. Updated with the latest nutritional insights, recipes and usage, this companion title focuses on cider vinegar (a key component of the Treating Arthritis programme) and the benefits it can bring anyone struggling with pain, mobility and chronic conditions, in addition to those seeking weight loss.

Embracing the simple principles that make this drug-free protocol so effective, this book will help you make cider vinegar a regular part of your daily diet. It also explains the importance of cider vinegar's complementary compounds, honey and molasses, and shows how these three ingredients can restore maximum health. There is an A-Z guide to the full range of conditions for which cider vinegar might be helpful, with clear dosage guidelines; while all the recipes have been updated, allowing you to incorporate this powerful ingredient into your diet whatever your nutritional needs.

Cider Vinegar complements the renowned Treating Arthritis programme to manage pain and improve health in a natural way; the book can be used in tandem with Treating Arthritis: The Drug-free Way and the Treating Arthritis Diet Book, but also on its own.

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