Lavera - Lavera Natural Strong Cream Deodorant 50ml

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Lavera Natural and Strong Cream Deodorant will effectively and reliably give long lasting freshness and protection against body odour for over 48 hours. The smooth and creamy texture of this organic deodorant consists of organic ginseng and natural minerals to inhibit odour causing bacteria.

The powerful natural minerals of Sodium Bicarbonate absorbs moisture and neutralises the acid in sweat to help eliminate underarm bacteria, preventing body odour forming. Zinc helps to combat body odour and soothes underarm skin. Organic ginseng gives an anti-bacterial effect.

The aluminium salts and alcohol free deodorant formula with shea butter soothes and nourishes your underarms after shaving.

Lavera Natural and Strong Cream Organic Deodorant gives the fabulous feeling of using a natural and organic deodorant whilst giving the level of protection you expect.

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