Organii - Organii High Protection Sun Milk SPF 50 125ml

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SUNCREAM✓100%mineral broad spectrum sun protection.✓ Meet and exceeds EU recommended1:3UVA:UVB protection.✓ Protects against UVAandUVBrays.✓ Effective immediately after application.✓Free from synthetic UV filters.✓Free from synthetic fragrances.✓ Free from silicone, paraffin and mineral oils.✓ Colourant and paraben free.✓Water resistant*.(*Re-apply after swimming)✓ Dermatologically tested✓ Certified organic to the ICEA standard.✓ Registered vegan by the Vegan Society.✓ Registered cruelty free with PeTA.✓ Dermatologically tested.✓ Nickle tested<1ppm.SPF50SUNMILKORGANii’suniqueSPF50SunMilkissuitableforthewholefamily-eventhosewithsensitiveskin!

This SPF50 Sun Milk can be used on babies,children and adults and protects delicate skin against the harmful rays of the sun while helping prevent sun damage,thanks to a carefully selected combination of ingredients including Titanium Dioxide, ZincOxide(used in mineral sunscreens to provide full spectrum UV Protection) and Karanja oil. Karanja oil (the common name for Pongamia Glabra) is derived from the seeds of the Millettia Pinnata tree,Karanja oil contains two unique molecules, pongamol and karanjin both of which are used in SPF50 Sun Milk as natural and effective UVA and UVB absorbers and SPF boosters. Nourishing organic Argan, Jojoba, Sunflower, Linseed and Olive Fruit oils are added to the formula to moisturise, hydrate and soften skin while extracts of organic Chamomile work as an anti inflammatory, Calendula keeps the skin from over-drying, Mallow Leaf soothes and added Vitamin E defends the skin against radicals. Water-resistant*- Paraben free- Colorant free- Fragrance Free- Dermatologically tested- Nickel tested<1ppm- Certified Organic by ICEA- Registered vegan with the Vegan Society- Registered Cruelty Free with PeTA* It is recommended that you re-apply after swimming.

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